Do You Suspect a Debtor of Fraud?

Contact An Adversary Procedure Lawyer

Team up with an experienced bankruptcy lawyer in Chicago, IL

Team up with an experienced bankruptcy lawyer in Chicago, IL

Bankruptcy is a valuable option for people suffering under debt. But it can be abused to commit fraud at the expense of creditors. You have options if you suspect a debtor of fraud. You can call the Law Offices of Joel A. Schechter and get help filing an adversary proceeding to contest the discharge in Chicago, IL.

I will help you build a strong case to stop the debt you're owed from being discharged. I also represent debtors and can help you in connection with complaints filed by a trustee or creditor.

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When do adversary proceedings apply?

Not sure when you should file a bankruptcy lawsuit? As your bankruptcy lawyer I can review your case and explain your options. I represent clients who...

•Want to prove a debtor committed fraud by incurring debt just before filing for bankruptcy
•Believe a debtor lied on documents, hid assets or attempted to abuse the system
•Are trying to recover payments from jointly acquired debt that was part of a divorce settlement

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